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Over his lifetime, Bruce Tegner studied judo, jujutsu, aikido, karate, Japanese sword and stick fighting, Savate (French foot and fist fighting), tai chi, and other Chinese kung fu forms.

Bruce Tegner recounted in his books that he originally trained in the highly traditional and stylized Asian regimen of martial arts training.

Back from a nearly two-year layoff due to illness, 2015 Ottawa winner Nicholas Bor (Kenya) did the early heavy lifting, shaking the lead pack down to himself, Gebresilase, Japan's Kenta Murayama (Team Asahi Kasei), Martin Hehir (U. Belkorchi was the next to fade, leaving Gebresilase, Hehir and Bor up front by halfway.

More, a martial arts adherent was expected to athletically proficient.

Tegner acknowledged that these long-held beliefs arose from ancient history where warriors did indeed practice their occupation for a lifetime and in doing so remained athletically capable, because they had to.

Gudeta was first across the line in to win both the women's race and the gender challenge, Gebresilase next in for the men's title.

Chepkorir held onto 2nd in the women's race in , Monicah Ngige (Kenya) 3rd in .

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