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Likewise, the consonant phoneme /k/ has different variant pronunciations in different contexts.

Compare: d] is "toad" in one dialect, but may be "told" in another. Phonological systems Phonology is not just (or even mainly) concerned with categories or objects (such as consonants, vowels, phonemes, allophones, etc.) but is also crucially about relations. As evidence for this statement, note that while all six vowels may occur in stressed syllables, only /i/, /e/, // and /u/ occur in unstressed syllables. Phonology as interpretation of phonetic patterns: Fang (Bantu: Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea) Further reading Lass, R. (1962) The phonemic concept of distinctive features.

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But if we look more closely into Bulgarian phonology, we see that the fact that schwa is similar in height to /e/ and /o/ is coincidental: the distinction that matters in Bulgarian is /i/ vs. Even players who have leveled well above the average for this point might be surprised at just how difficult this fight can be. Continue north through here until you reach the transition line to the next area. -------------------------------------- BOSS: Adrammelech - HP: 39630 - LV: 39 -------------------------------------- Adrammelech is one tough customer.For example, the English stops and fricatives can be grouped into related pairs which differ in voicing and (for the stops) aspiration: Patterns lead to expectations: we expect the voiceless fricative [h] to be paired with a voiced [], but we do not find this sound as a distinctive phoneme in English. (1984) Phonology: an introduction to basic concepts. And in fact /h/ functions differently from the other voiceless fricatives (it has a different distribution in words etc.) So even though [h] is phonetically classed as a voiceless fricative, it is phonologically quite different from /f/, /s/, // and //. In Classical Greek a three-way distinction was made between stops: How many degrees of vowel height are there in Bulgarian?

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