Unmonitored roulette chat

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Unmonitored roulette chat

One of Romm’s favorite tactics, in common with everyone who profits from the natural childbirth industry, is to demonize modern obstetrics.But this time she appears to have gone off the rails.It’s short, and here it is in its entirety: AN [sic] asteroid big enough to wipe out mankind is overdue and could strike at any time, scientists fear. Yeah, we’re scared of them — you’d have to be nuts not to be — but we also know that none that big is headed our way in the immediate future. The average time between impacts like this is about 200 million years (see page 10 of David Morrison’s paper "Earth Sterilizing Impact"). You have a chance of getting heads every time you flip it, but you cannot say with certainty that you will the next time.

Two days later, the site explained its departure, saying it was voluntary and had nothing to do with pressure from Valve (a reference to a lawsuit recently filed against the game maker accusing gambling sites of illegal activity) or regulatory authorities.It doesn’t help to have gas thrown on this fire by irresponsible journalism. She always has to be out there shilling her books and supplements to increase her income, as if she didn’t already make enough from practicing “functional” medicine.But new evidence studied in Australia suggests a hit equal to 500 Hiroshimas occurs every 1,000 years — and the last was 4,800 years ago. That would be a disaster of unprecedented proportions for humanity– but it wouldn’t cause an extinction event. Asteroid impacts are scary, and there is absolutely no need to make them any scarier by fear mongering like this.Worse, it adds to the "cry wolf" problem that is already plaguing impact scientists — whenever a potentially hazardous asteroid is announced, and sails past us, the public get that much more inured to the real threat from these things (even when scientists are saying the right things).

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