R java not updating intellij idea

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R java not updating intellij idea

For me, the problem was actually with the Android file for an Android Library Module that I had created for Action Bar Sherlock.For whatever reason, when it created the Android file it didn't bother to use the Android file that came with ABS and it put the following in: New Module... AFAIK if you @ id/text View Person Full Name that name is in the (global) resource name namespace, so it appears that the rename is doing the "right" thing, treating it as the same name everywhere (even though you want it to restrict itself to that xml/java file pair.) FWIW. When I create or edit files in resources such as layout /values/e.t.c the file does not update. Welcome Intelli J IDEA 2016.2.3, a fresh bugfix update for Intelli J IDEA 2016.2.Check out the release notes to see the list of available fixes.I then Selected Library Module under the Android section and for the Content Root I browsed to the location of the files for ABS (Other fields auto filled in correctly and I didn't change them).

I've started playing around with Intelli J since I've had issues with the new Android Studio and wanted to try something that was a little more stable (I've never really used either before).Generally when do changes we forget about the class path for the Main Activity or we rename the main class or package. Now created a project on android and immediately ran into a problem: not generated id in Rebuild project does not help.I only noticed the issue when I was moving the project from my Mac to my Windows machine.This issue starting occurring for me when I started working with build.gradle to incorporate the data necessary (signing Configs) to build a signed

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My Intellij version is 12.1 and new version is 12.1.4 so I want to update it but after dowloading new file it can not proceed because of file permission denied.