Swap live cams

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Swap live cams

When you select cam, the cam starts playing, place your cursor over the top right corner of image.You will see an arrow, click on arrow, this will take you to full screen. this is our latest app Face Swap Live (first one in a couple years) which uses some crazy face detection stuff under the hood to find a face and its features.We can detect multiple faces at once in a live camera feed at decent FPS but we are limited the number of faces detected to just 2 (for now) -- so you can just point the camera at you & a friends and watch your faces get swapped live.

This app switch faces live from your camera video live Easy to use, with realistic results.switch faces with a friend & family and make fun.

Earth Cam takes you on a virtual tour of the most visited spot in New York City: Times Square!

Our exclusive webcams feature aerial views of the action below and the world famous street-level camera with audio.

Ready to have some serious fun with warping and animating your own face?

Check out the list of fun selfie filter apps below to snap a creative selfie in seconds and wow all your friends on social media.

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