Dating before divorce final california

Posted by / 02-Feb-2018 13:57

So, from the court’s view, dating another person while you are still married has no effect on spousal support.

Custody battles are often about how you conduct yourself around your child.

The minimum length of time it takes to acquire a final Judgment of Dissolution in order to be free to marry once again is six months and one day from the date the Respondent is served with the Summons and Petition, or, six months and a day from the date the Respondent files a Response or Notice of General Appearance with the court, whichever comes first.

It may also include attending court hearings and conducting necessary discovery.

A minute order from a hearing or a trial or a signed agreement without a judge's signature does not terminate the marriage.

It is strongly suggested that you consult with a family law attorney so that you are informed of your legal rights and the important legal issues in your case.

While the court will not penalize you for dating someone new when it determines spousal support payments, a new dating relationship could have an effect on whether you are awarded custody of your child.

The court’s job is to award custody based on the best interest of the child, and that can be impacted by your new dating life in many ways.

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During the remainder of the waiting period, several court-mandated events must occur and these take time.