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where a trail of breadcrumbs was left by the children in order to find their way back home.

Breadcrumbing follows the same method of thinking, users will send flirtatious back forth messages to a potential match only to never meet in real life and leave the extent of their relationship solely online.

Or perhaps you were benched (re-assigned to the back-up list) or mooned (muted).

These daters make using Tinder or Bumble a total nightmare, but a new trend has emerged.

Some of these habits might not seem particularly insidious when take in isolation (' Why waste those holiday photos from summer 2013?In the worst cases, they will visibly "read" your message and fail to respond.After a while, you might give up on the ghost ("Good riddance", you think) and start talking to someone else.I have done hundreds if not thousands of interviews during the past year for Rent and one of the most common questions I get asked from people is “why would people use Rent, when 90% of society is already a member of a social networking website?” Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, are just a few examples.

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This new phenomenon is as scary as it sounds: being zombied - the next dating fad that's bound to drive you up the wall.